Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Red Light Commandos "come together" and find their sound on debut EP

Logan-based band The Red Light Commandos released their first album last Saturday.
The album is a self-titled EP, mixed and engineered by Why Sound's studio manager Tim Moes. Most of the recording was done at Why Sound Studio in Logan.
"They're starting to come together as a band," Moes said. "In the studio, I could see the cohesiveness starting to develop."
Everyone in The Red Light Commandos has differing, unique musical influences. The band's bassist Colton Anderson said that combining these influences is what makes the EP particular.
"We still apply it together and make it all meld with our sound," Anderson said.
Even though this is The Red Light Commandos' first physical recording release, members of the band have recording experience with separate projects that have different sounds.
"We're trying to make completely original music, which is really hard," said Sammy Pond, the lead singer for the band. "I feel like we're really getting our own sound on the EP. We're becoming more original and sounding more like ourselves."
Pond wrote the lyrics to all the songs on the EP and said most of the music was written by the band's guitarist and distinctively youngest member, Josh Mikesell. Their collective sound has often been compared to alternative and progressive rock artists Incubus and The Mars Volta. 
"The guitar style is very technical; it's not so radio-friendly," Pond said. "It's more of an acquired taste that grows on you."
Pond said that he tries to display strong imagery in his lyrics. "My writing style is more developed than on any other CD I've put out; it's a lot more personal" he said. 
"I was happy with this project," Moes said. "They're a really talented band. They work really well together as agroup and they've gotten really solid."
"Now we have something we can sell at shows," Anderson said. "Hopefully that turns into making more CDs."
The Red Light Commandos have already sold some copies of their EP with an album-release concert at Why Sound last Saturday. The band has music available digitally on its Facebook page and on

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